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UX Designer

Product Designer

UI designer


My name is Sebastien, I am UX / UI designer from Paris with 10 years of experience.
I am expert in web, mobile applications, connected objects design.
I have a strong knowledge on personal assistant applications and data visualisation.
I strive to create simple digital experiences that help people to live better and happier lives without losing sight of business goals.

I have an enthusiastic personality in combination with advanced creative thinking and communication skills.
By having a great experience in collaborating with people, i always motivate and inspire individuals, in order to achieve best results.
I am always ready to explore new directions and creative challenges.

Have a glimpse on my work on Behance or Dribbble.

Download my resume.


I love to sketch, brainstorm, talk to and learn from actual users, solve difficult problems, manage project details and work closely with my team. I synthesize the needs and goals of users, product managers, marketing and salespeople, user researchers, writers, developers and testers to ensure the best possible experience.